Let's get pod-triotic: Here are 9 Canadian companions to your favourite podcasts

Looking to listen to something new? We've paired your favourite podcasts with a great Canadian equivalent.

These podcasts will bring you more Canadian voices, perspectives and stories

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More than 7 million Canadians listen to podcasts at least once a month. And nearly half of those listeners say that they'd like to learn more about Canadian podcasts, specifically. That's why we've paired your favourite podcasts with their Canadian companion.

Whether you're relaxing at home or commuting to work, these nine podcasts will bring you more of our nation's voices, perspectives and stories. 

If you liked Mystery Show, you'll love Personal Best

Mystery Show listeners looking for another quirky podcast should check out Personal Best —  a cheeky self-improvement show that turns tiny goals into grand adventures. Hosts Andrew Norton and Rob Norman go to great lengths to provide eccentric solutions to people's petty yet endearing hang-ups.

If you liked Where Should We Begin?, you'll love Other People's Problems

If you enjoy listening — like a fly on the wall — to Esther Perel guiding couples through difficult conversations, Other People's Problems is the podcast for you. Like Perel, Hillary McBride is a therapist who invites you into her client's sessions to help demystify mental health. One key difference: McBride has known her clients for years.  

If you liked Serial, you'll love Someone Knows Something

If you crave murder mysteries and bingeable series like Serial, Someone Knows Something will have you absorbed for hours. The true-crime podcast examines unsolved cases of missing or murdered individuals across three seasons. It's our most popular podcast at 70 million downloads and counting.

If you liked Modern Love, you'll love Alone: A Love Story

You listen to Modern Love because you enjoy personal stories about love and relationships. Then, why not get even more personal with Alone: A Love Story? In this award-winning podcast, Michelle Parise takes you along on her winding journey from lust to heartbreak, through loneliness and despair, to eventually finding the courage to face the question mark of life — alone.

If you liked Ted Radio Hour, you'll love Ideas


Like Ted Radio Hour, Ideas, hosted by Paul Kennedy, is filled with fascinating concepts that will challenge you to think in new ways. From Shakespeare's everlasting influence to political correctness versus free speech, there's certainly an Ideas episode for you. 

If you liked In The Dark (Season 1), you'll love Missing and Murdered: Finding Cleo

If you followed the gripping case of Jacob Wetterling in Season 1 of In The DarkFinding Cleo — a podcast with 10.5 million downloads and counting — should be next on your true crime list. It investigates the whereabouts of Cleo Semaganis, a young Cree girl who was taken from her family during the Sixties Scoop. Host Connie Walker joins her siblings on their journey to finally solve the mystery that has haunted them for decades. 

If you liked Reply All, you'll love Spark

If you listen to Reply All, you know that weird and wonderful things happen on the internet at the speed of light. Keeping on top of it all is hard work. If you're looking for an ongoing conversation about our rapidly changing world, Spark is a podcast that not only explores the internet, but examines how technology, innovation and design affects our lives.

If you liked This is Love, you'll love Love Me

If you enjoy the story-based podcast This is Love, Love Me should be your next listen. From a widow confronting her grief by dating her worst match to a pair of robots stumbling through an awkward courtship, each episode tells a new story that explores the messiness of human connection.

If you liked On Being, you'll love Tapestry

If you like On Being for its thoughtful conversations around life's biggest questions, then you'll fall in love with Tapestry. This podcast delves into the complexities of what it means to be human through the lenses of philosophy, spirituality and religion.

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