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Laugh Out Loud Live! Shenkman Centre IT'S ON!

After the year and a half that was, and almost two years to the day, Laugh Out Loud Live in Ottawa is back MARCH 3, 2022. We can't wait to see you!


Comedy is back and we are thrilled to be returning to the Icebreakers Comedy Festival at Ravine Vineyard Friday January 28, 2022. Get your tickets today!

There's a special place for you and your leather pants!

Comedian Debra DiGiovani spares no detail in sharing why she won't be able to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, and from the Icebreakers Comedy Festival a few year back, Graham Chittenden has some thoughts on adult colouring books.

Two families, two houses, three owners? Buying a house isn't as straight forward as it may seem.

NEW! From the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Paul Myerhaug and Leonard Chan share their house buying tales of joy and sorrow.

The insecurities that only a bidet can create.

We shine our spotlight on Victoria's Mike Delamont. He's done with dumb dumbs, he's done with cats...but he's just getting started on bidets! Happy New Year!

An episode that will put some extra starch in your stocking!

It's Christmas time and that means time for some Christmas comedy! Sit back and relax to the tunes of Scott Falconbridge and comedy-from-the-vault with Shaun Majumder. Happy Holidays and thanks for listening!

Take it from a Gr 9 gym teacher. You young fellas should probably shower more often!

Ottawa's Jenn Labelle paints the perfect picture of every Canadian family on movie night, and in a time when world travel is down, Montreal's Gino Durante takes you on an audio trip of his favourite journeys.

At what point of your relationship with your contractor, are you IN a relationship with them?

It's an east-coast themed comedy show today with the pride of Cornerbrook Trent McLellan and Sackville's Nikki Payne, who asks "Have you seen my contractor?"

Spotlight shines on Rob Pue!

From the Icebreakers Comedy Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake, we shine our spotlight on comedian Rob Pue.

To learn some really useful stuff about divorce, consult a comedian!

From the Winnipeg Comedy festival this past October, comedian Dena Jackson breaks down the wins and losses of her divorce, and from Hecklers Comedy Club in Victoria, Myles Anderson can't figure out if his back up career is better or worse than his primary one! Please note - Myles' set was recorded pre-pandemic.

Canada the Great! (ish)

From the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Danish Anwar comes out swinging with his joke - come for the comedy, say for the weed? And from Accent on Toronto 'back in the day', Ron Josol take us on a tour of some of his favourite memories of his past. Pencil anyone?

Dreaded questions and questionable dates...

It's a He said/She said comedy showdown with Todd Ness and Larke Miller, recorded at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival last month. Larke shares some stories about some of her 'ahem' interesting dates and Todd unpacks that "dreaded" question "How was YOUR day?"

The secret to successful dating? Be clueless?

From the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Julie Kim shares her dating struggles and reminds people in relationships to be happy with what they have! And Charlie Demers struggles to find the exact type of animal to tell jokes about.

You're not in Kansas anymore Dorothy!

From Accent on Toronto, Derek Edwards describes the hell that is driving in the big city, and we revisit some Halloween themed comedy, courtesy of Laurie Elliott and Jerry Seinfeld.

"I don't like bees man. They make me feel awkward in public!"

From the record label Comedy Records, we feature Mark Debonis and John Cullen. Mark makes bowling a little grosser than it needs to be, and thinking of joining a spin class? Fine. But DO NOT talk to John Cullen about it.

Dating an Arts Major: The Ultimate sacrifice.

From the Winnipeg Comedy Festival last October in front of a small but enthusiastic audience, Cassie Cao teaches the audience about how safe a safe word can be. And from Icebreakers Comedy Festival PRE-pandemic, Chris Locke paints a picture of his future funeral. The food is going to be pretty good!

Stop goofing around and fall for my joke already!

From the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Matt Falk has a few bones to pick with a number of animals who have wronged him, and Pastor Dan Taylor comes to terms with the fact that the whole world isn't out to get him.

Holy Jeezz, so many abreevs!

From Accent on Toronto, Sandra Battaglini dunks a few local moms, and Nile Seguin barely avoids having a brain aneurysm as he talks abut public transit!

Sometimes the best move is to block your mom on social media.

Comedian Mike Rita connects with a multi-cultural audience about some pretty painful and hilarious childhood memories...and from the Cottage Country Comedy Festival, Nigel Grinstead pulls back the curtain on small town living.

Good comedy often grows out of struggle, talent and SPITE!

From the 905 Comedy Festival in Ajax Ontario, Kyle Brownrigg delivers a great comedy set AND an audition for Dyson and from the KW Festiva, Juliana Rodrigues gets more than she bargained for on a spa day with her mom.

There's High School Musical, and then there's High School Music CLASS!

Welcome back to Season 14 of Laugh Out Loud with your host Ali Hassan! We travel to Hecklers on Vancouver Island where Graham Clark says forget the drive-thru, the WALK-thru is the the future of fast food restaurants! Comedian and moonlighting substitute teacher Steve Brinder uses his stage time to take us all back to school where things are wet and noisy.

We kick off our summer vacation with our greatest hits!

It's our final episode of the season and we're celebrating with some Producer's Picks! The Grand Dame of Canadian Comedy, Martha Chaves, Rich Hall, Dave Hemstad and the late, great Irwin Barker. Stay tuned for information on our 2 LIVE shows in Kelowna this August!

Exposed: Details on what women wear and how they wear it.

From the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Ian Sirota stresses that honesty has no place in child rearing and...move over - Lori Gibbs learned everything she needed to know about her heritage from a Mexican concierge.

You said WHAT to your mom? Well, I guess it's goodbye forever then.

Juno -nominated Shirley Gnome appeals to the Canadian rock-listening public - it's enough with the Kroeger-phobia! And from the Icebreakers Comedy Festival from January 2020, Marito Lopez talks about the fear his 4'8" mother strikes in his heart.

It's an honour just to be nominated...

On Sunday June 6thm the 2021 Junos will hand out an award for Best Comedy Album of the year to one of five Canadian Comedians. You'll hear four of those comics on the show today.