The Irrelevant Show

Goodbye and thank you from The Irrelevant Show

(a note from producer Peter Brown)

It's with a mixture of pride, gratitude and sadness that we announce that The
Irrelevant Show won't be returning to the CBC airwaves.

It's been an amazing 7 seasons on CBC Radio One. We played to sold-out
audiences across the country. We won two Canadian Comedy awards and a
prize for Best Regularly Scheduled Comedy Program at the New York Festivals.

CBC is re-examining its schedule and as new programs are introduced, some
existing shows are wrapping up. Sadly we're one of those.

But I'm proud and grateful that this program has given a showcase to my brilliant
friends in the Edmonton comedy community and to writers across the country.
If you'll indulge me, I'd like to mention some of them.

You know our core cast: Neil Grahn, Mark Meer, Jana O'Connor and Donovan
Workun – they WERE the show. I could write pages about each of them, their
talent and skill and generosity of spirit. Whether they were playing celebrities or
ordinary Canadians, animals, aliens or superheroes, they found endless ways to
make their characters relatable and funny. Sitting on stage and watching them
make hundreds of people laugh, and break each other up, was pure pleasure.

We were always pleased to feature gifted guest actors from Edmonton's comedy
community: Leona Brausen, Marianne Copithorne, Cathy Derkach, Jeff Haslam,
Chantal Perron and Amy Shostak. And the musicians who brought their
tremendous chops to our show: chief among them Jocelyn Ahlf, Kieran Martin
Murphy, and our tireless musical director Jan Randall, who composed more than
50 songs in dozens of genres. Special thanks to Dave Clarke, who created the
sounds of time machines and sheep catapults, the weirder the better. Recording
engineer Corey Haberstock solved hundreds of problems every show, including
suggesting punchlines. And editor Ray Buxton, whose meticulous attention to
detail ensured that every episode sounded great, no matter how complicated the
mix, how boomy the room, or how much nonsense we got up to.

Our biggest thanks go to our listeners. It's been wonderful meeting you -- often
families of you - at our tapings. We'll never forget the roar that greeted us when
we took the stage for the first time in Toronto, Vancouver and in Victoria, or the
fantastic audiences at the Arden, which became our home theatre. In cabs, in
stores and in public, our performers met countless fans who recognized their
names or their voices and always had a kind word. Thanks to your loyalty and
enthusiasm, our listenership grew year after year and we went out on a high

Our sketches and episodes will be online for a few more months. I'll be listening
back, and feeling grateful for the fantastic ride. Thanks to everyone who made it
possible, and made it so much fun.

Peter Brown
Producer, the Irrelevant Show

Jan, Kieren, Neil, Jana, Mark, Donovan, Dave and Peter