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Radio restaurant reviewer offers spectacularly unhelpful descriptions of food

Radio food critic Chuck Mainly has delivered what may be the most unhelpful food descriptions in history.

Doctor the Guess Who: The Final Chapter. Victoria and the Doctor unmask the man in plaid and save Canada

We’ve arrived at the final chapter of our five-part series Doctor the Guess Who and finally all questions will be answered.

Irrelevant Show - Saturday June 24, 2017

SEASON FINALE: David Attenborough Hates Leopards, Batman Keys, Dog Who Says I Love You, Hamburger Bed and Doctor the Guess Who Final Chapter.

Naturalist David Attenborough marvels at all living creatures except leopards, "those obnoxious jerks"

In a moment that surprised many viewers of his Planet Earth TV series, naturalist Sir David Attenborough became suddenly enraged at the mere sight of a leopard.

Batman has to retrace night of galas, fistfights and skulking in shadows to figure out where he left his keys

This morning, after a long night of black-tie galas, fistfights and skulking in the shadows, Batman couldn’t remember where he left his keys.

Doctor the Guess Who Chapter 4: The Doctor and Victoria find the mysterious man in plaid

This is Chapter 4 of our 5-part serial, Doctor the Guess Who, about a time-travelling Zamboni and the woman who saves Canada.

Bride has exact wedding she's been planning since she was six years old and it's just disturbing

After more than twenty years of waiting, Ashley finally had the wedding ceremony she’s been planning since she was six.

Wife unconvincingly claims husband's hideous furniture and clothing stolen by very selective burglars

In a performance that didn’t fool anyone, Deb Albertson claimed that thieves had broken into the Albertson home and stolen some of her husband David’s most treasured possessions.

Irrelevant Show - Saturday June 17, 2017

Inside the House, E-Cig Man, Oh Nooo!, Future Review: Spiderman, Success 5000 song Big Dumb Heart, and more.

Man with E-Cigarette bewitches café-goers with aura of mystery and coolness

What started as a normal day at a local café turned thrilling when a fedora-wearing man was seen sucking on an E-Cigarette.

EXCLUSIVE: The Spiderman Homecoming review our critic wrote before the movie was even filmed

Spiderman: Homecoming will be released next month, but The Irrelevant Show’s film critic Mark Meer didn’t wait to see it to write his review.

New Dolby 8.2 promises best movie sound ever to be drowned out by disgusting popcorn chomping

The new Dolby Surround system promises crisp high-end sound, powerful bass, and 360 degrees of sound that places you at the centre of the action. Of course you won’t hear any of it over the disgusting racket of the guy behind you going to town on his popcorn.

Irrelevant Show - Saturday June 10, 2017

Denise Goes to a Movie, Doctor The Guess Who Chapter 3, Multi-Hit Wonder, Internet is Down.

Pop band follows smash hit song Party All Night Long with totally different Party All Nite Long

they’re far from a one-hit wonder, pop sensations Partysaurus have just released the follow-up to their smash-hit single, Party All Night Long.
Irrelevant Show

Doctor the Guess Who Chapter 3: The Yonge Street elongification

Part 3 of our 5-part series, Doctor the Guess Who. The Doctor and Victoria have embarked on a mission through time to find out who’s stealing all the Canadian things.

Irrelevant Show - Saturday June 3, 2017

Fun Kelowna Facts, Darth Vader Performance Review, Spaguana, Vegas Trip, Vasectomy Song and more.
Irrelevant Show

Doctor the Guess Who travels through time to save Canadiana

This is Chapter 2 of our 5-part serial, Doctor the Guess Who.

Pet lizards and reptiles receive spa pampering at Spaguana

A new luxury spa promises to give your lizard or snake the pampering it deserves – welcome to Spaguana.

Actual Mayor of Kelowna Colin Basran presents fun facts about city's best and worst features

At the Irrelevant Show’s first-ever recording in Kelowna, the city’s Mayor joined the cast onstage to share some Fun Kelowna Facts.

H.R. guy asks Darth Vader to please consider killing fewer underlings

Taking a break from battling the rebels, Darth Vader visited the office of Kevin in H.R. for his annual performance review.

This robbery would go a lot more smoothly if we could just give you cash instead of doing Apple Pay

Steve and Samir’s night went from bad to worse when the guy who was robbing them in an alley also made them wait around while he tried to get his Apple Pay machine to work.

Irrelevant Show - Saturday May 27, 2017

Apple Pay Robbery, Success 5000 song “Pretty Big Deal”, Doctor The Guess Who Chapter 1, 80 Days, Halloween Candy and more.