Delays at Sturgeon Refinery add to Alberta heavy oil price discount woes

A new refinery touted as part of the solution to Alberta's oversupply of heavy oil likely won't begin processing oilsands bitumen until year-end, several months later than expected.

Still no date for LRT completion

After two delays of Ottawa's $2.1-billion LRT system, there's still no firm date for when the city will get the keys, or when the public will ride those rails.

Winds a challenge as crews douse fire in Portugal Cove-St. Philip's

Fire and emergency crews have a fire under control in Portugal Cove-St. Philip's Wednesday afternoon. Crews were called just after 12 p.m., and remained on the scene as of 2 p.m. High winds gusting in the area made it difficult for crews to put out the fire, but they managed to contain the fire to one structure.

Forward swap: Penguins acquire Pearson from Kings for Hagelin

The Pittsburgh Penguins have traded forward Carl Hagelin to the Los Angeles Kings for forward Tanner Pearson. The 26-year-old Pearson has one assist in 17 games this season, while Hagelin has collected a goal and three points in 16 contests.

L.A. billboard touting Rockies aims to draw more filmmakers to Calgary

A new billboard in Los Angeles — promoting Calgary as an ideal location to shoot movies — is already drawing some interest from filmmakers, says one of the people behind a new ad campaign aimed at bringing more productions to the city and its struggling, two-year-old film centre.

More than 10,000 customers lose power in strong winds

Powerful winds closed schools and cut power to thousands of NB Power customers on Wednesday morning.

Calgary Olympics No vote not an easy decision, says Alberta tourism minister

Alberta Culture and Tourism Minister Ricardo Miranda says the provincial government respects the decision of Calgarians in a plebiscite that dashed local hopes for a 2026 Winter Olympics.

CBC Calgary Food Bank Drive

Join us Dec. 7 - 24 to feed the possibility of a Calgary without hunger.

Woman killed by transport truck while trying to help injured driver

A 33-year-old Burton woman was struck and killed by a transport truck Tuesday as she tried to help a driver who had rolled into a ditch.

Are long hours and little pay scaring off potential public servants?

Alcide Bernard was appointed mayor of Wellington, P.E.I last week — because nobody else wanted the job. Is there a crisis in local politics, where the long hours and little pay are scaring off potential public servants?

Mysterious interstellar comet may be an alien probe: Harvard scientists

Remember that cigar-shaped comet that passed by our planet last year? Two Harvard scientists believe it may, in fact, be a piece of broken technology from another world.

95 facts about Marvel comics legend Stan Lee

Why legendary comic book creator, who died at the age of 95, was a real-life superhero.

Cheli's Chili Bar in Detroit closing down, Chris Chelios announces

The business will close for good on November 24.

Bombing in Aleppo

When Dr. Muhammad Waseem Maaz was killed in a 2016 airstrike in Aleppo, he was one of the last pediatricians still working inside the war-torn city. "Who will treat those babies?" his friend and colleague Dr. Abdul Aziz said in an interview with AIH host Carol Off.

Super-Earth may lurk around nearby star

An international team of scientists has found evidence that suggests a large, rocky world — a super-Earth — may be orbiting a nearby star.

Graydon Pelley walks away from PCs to start new political group

Newfoundland and Labrador's Tories need a new president.

2 pedestrians struck after 2 vehicles crash in North York

Two pedestrians were seriously injured after two vehicles crashed in North York on Wednesday morning.

Cirque du Soleil employees balk at performing in Saudi Arabia

In light of recent events that have sparked an international political crisis, some artists are asking why the Cirque is sticking to its plan to pitch its tent in Riyadh next month.

Theresa May begins trying to persuade party, Parliament on Brexit divorce deal

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May is trying to persuade her senior ministers to accept a draft European Union divorce deal, after telling the House of Commons the agreement "takes us significantly closer to delivering what the British people voted for."

Peninsula in Marathon, Ont.

A group of volunteers will work throughout the winter to restore the Peninsula, a tug that boomed logs from the mouth of the Pic River to the pulp mill in Marathon, Ont., for nearly twenty years.

Judge grants order for mental health assessment in infanticide case

A woman facing charges of infanticide has been granted a mental health assessment.

Man robbed, carjacked in Winnipeg

A man was forced to drive two people from downtown Winnipeg to the West End before he was robbed and forced to get out of his SUV, police say.

CBD belongs in store next to vitamins, echinacea, says industry group

The natural health industry is pressuring Health Canada to classify CBD, the non-hallucinogenic component of cannabis, as a natural health product. Medical users are now turning to recreational pot distributors with unclear CBD labelling to get it.

Edmonton man helps broker historic peace deal in Ethiopia

Imprisonment in an Ethiopian prison cell. That was the singular thought racing through Ahmed Abdulkadir’s mind as he returned to his home country for the first time in more than 30 years.
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