Season 2

Season 2: Sheryl Sheppard

What happened to Sheryl Sheppard? Documentarian David Ridgen investigates a missing person's case from Hamilton, Ontario.
SKS is a true crime podcast, hosted by David Ridgen. Season 2, investigating a new cold case, will launch on November 21. 0:30

New case. New leads. New hope.

Documentarian David Ridgen is back, investigating another cold case. This time, he heads to Hamilton, Ontario to investigate the disappearance of Sheryl Sheppard. 

On December 31, 1997, at a New Year's Eve party broadcast on live TV, Sheppard accepted a marriage proposal from her boyfriend, Michael Lavoie.

Two days later, she disappeared.

In Season 2 of SKS, David Ridgen joins Sheppard's mother Odette on her search for answers.

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