IDEAS schedule for May 2023

Highlights include: music that reveals tensions and myths of France through the 20th and 21st centuries; exploring the many afterlives of the Queen of Sheba; the hidden history of interned in labour camps during World War One; and what exactly is The Great Reset?

IDEAS schedule for April 2023

Highlights include: philosopher Susan Neiman on how “wokeism” short-circuits what it means to be on the left; human rights lawyer Hina Jilani on her quest to help make a better world; and IDEAS explores our capacity for credulity to understand why so many people get “taken in” by scams and conspiracies.

IDEAS schedule for March 2023

Highlights include: Literary scholar Peter Brooks points to the dangers of seeing everything as a story; Cree writer Tomson Highway's 2022 Massey Lectures, and Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on why the greatest threats to free speech today are not legal or political, but social.

IDEAS schedule for February 2023

Highlights include: the weird world of pseudo-archaeology; a deep-dive into the uncertain future of money; Alexander Bell’s fraught legacy with the deaf community; the rich and complex world of Newfoundland’s Indigenous literature; and how geometry can be used to corrupt democracy.

IDEAS schedule for January 2023

Highlights include: the history of school trains bringing education to children in isolated communities of Northern Ontario; how a colonialist approach to Arctic research by academia has neglected traditional knowledge; and the chaotic history and uncertain future of money.

IDEAS schedule for December 2022

Highlights include: how coyotes inform our storytelling and myth; a demon attack in Quebec in 1660; historian Aanchal Malhotra on inheritance and unlearning after the 1947 Partition of India; and IDEAS ponders deep philosophical questions about Christmas like: is it ethical to lie to children?

IDEAS schedule for November 2022

Highlights include: "The Shock of the New” — a series of panel discussions recorded at Stratford Festival that explore five years that have profoundly shaped the world; revisiting the origins of the U.S. and its contested ideas of democracy; and Cree writer Tomson Highway delivers the 2022 CBC Massey Lectures.

IDEAS schedule for October 2022

Highlights include: The story of Iranian women who took to the streets to oppose mandatory veiling just after the 1979 revolution; Frantz Fanon, a noted psychiatrist who analyzed the impact of colonialism through a psychological lens; and exploring the political, cultural, and personal realities that feed into why people believe they see ghosts.

IDEAS schedule for September 2022

Highlights include: The philosophy of pro wrestling; exploring Joyce Wieland’s provocative ideas about Canadian nationhood then and now; a conversation with Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka who was once a political prisoner; and a new IDEAS series called The New World Disorder.

IDEAS schedule for August 2022

Highlights: Michael Ignatieff on the search for consolation; how 'liminal space' photography captures pandemic life; producer Tom Howell explores the meaning of 'bias'; Margaret Atwood & Omar El Akkad on dystopian hope; and writer Lucy Ellmann on Things Are Against Us — a collection of satirical essays.

IDEAS schedule for July 2022

Highlights: Advocates of the “good enough” life argue adequate is more than adequate; a 1781 massacre on a slave ship inspires what may be the most talked-about Canadian poem of this century; exploring what it was like growing up as a kid in the Ice Age; and acclaimed Australian actor John Bell on the enduring relevance of Shakespeare.

IDEAS schedule for June 2022

Highlights: Musician, poet and artist Laurie Anderson examines the challenges faced by artists and citizens alike as culture is reinvented; a five-part series looks at how the idea of home is embedded in our lives; the philosophy of pro-wrestling; and a rebroadcast of Esi Edugyan's Massey Lectures, Out of the Sun: On Race and Storytelling.

IDEAS schedule for May 2022

Highlights include: an exploration of why left-handers are so special; how math and geometry is helping corrupt American democracy; re-examining Richard Wright's legacy and enduring relevance; and science writer Britt Wray on her book, Generation Dread: Finding Purpose in an Age of Climate Crisis.

IDEAS schedule for April 2022

Highlights include: how Middlemarch by George Eliot has lessons on how to live a modern life 150 years on; to exploring the saxophone's deep roots in spiritual beliefs; and what happens when stories of war are told by women.

IDEAS schedule for March 2022

Highlights include: decoding astrology; how to find common ground when the meaning of freedom is increasingly contested; what we can learn from fictional dogs in 20th-century literature; and Soulpepper's audio drama series, Around the World in 80 Plays.

IDEAS schedule for February 2022

Highlights include: an exploration about what to do about our biases; Michael Ignatieff discusses humankind’s perennial search for consolation; research reveals what it was like growing up in the Ice Age; and we re-broadcast our series with Soulpepper, Around the World in 80 Plays.

IDEAS schedule for January 2022

Highlights: The BBC Reith Lectures examines how Artificial Intelligence is rapidly becoming integral to the economy, military, and daily life; advocates of the “good enough” life explain why adequate is more than adequate; and award-winning novelist Esi Edugyan's 2021 CBC Massey Lectures illuminates the Black experience in global culture and history.

IDEAS schedule for December 2021

Highlights: Renowned photographer Edward Burtynsky reflects on 40 years of chronicling how humans are changing the planet; Is the secret to 21st century success, failure?; a jocular journey through the philosophy of Christmas; and what cats can teach us about living the good life.

IDEAS schedule for November 2021

Highlights: Tracing the history of the guillotine from its darkest days of the French Revolution to its reinvention as an emblem of equality; the life and legacy of war artist Mary Riter Hamilton; and Randy Boyagoda's tragic-comic epic novel, Dante's Indiana.

IDEAS schedule for October 2021

Highlights: Novelist Salman Rushdie on using magical realism to capture the unrealism of our world; historian John Boyko explores Canada’s role in the Vietnam War; IDEAS examines academia in crisis and asks whether the university system can be saved — or if it's worth saving.

IDEAS schedule for September 2021

Highlights: IDEAS launches Body Language — a series exploring what our bodies express and repress, both literally and symbolically; opposing soldiers during the Iran-Iraq war save each other’s lives; and we delve into Dante’s impossible feat of the imagination and his literary immortality.

IDEAS schedule for August 2021

Highlights: how a youth-obsessed society is failing its elders; rewriting the early 20th century Declaration of the Independence of the Mind for our own post-truth moment; Hollywood's role in shaping a positive image of America and its wars; and a rebroadcast of Rob Deibert's 2020 CBC Massey Lectures, Reset: Reclaiming the Internet for Civil Society.

IDEAS schedule for July 2021

Highlights: a conversation with writer Roxane Gay about emboldened racism and the 'fetishizing of forgiveness'; our Common Good series exploring the question “what do we owe each other?”; cowboys and the myth of the American West; and Mark Carney's 2020 BBC Reith Lectures, 'How We Get What We Value.’

IDEAS schedule for June 2021

Highlights: Michelangelo's poignant poetry; how comics have become a medium to convey personal trauma; designing a better gym class for all; and we continue highlighting Soulpepper Theatre Company's audio drama series, Around the World in 80 Plays.

IDEAS schedule for May 2021

Highlights: IDEAS collaborates with Soulpepper Theatre Company's audio drama series Around the World in 80 Plays; Feline Philosophy: Cats and the Meaning of Life; the fraught legacy of Alexander Graham Bell within the deaf community; and a cheerful defence of 'nihilism.'