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IDEAS schedule for January 2020

Highlights include: a former Catholic sister Karen Armstrong on recovering "the lost art of scripture." (Jan. 6); a two-part series on the social history of chairs (Jan. 9-10); a look at what can we learn from Darwin at this stage of civilization (Jan. 24); and making the case for a civic media manifesto (Jan. 23).

IDEAS schedule for December 2019

Highlights include: philosophical anthropologist Lorraine Daston on reclaiming nature as a moral guidepost (Dec. 5); a rare feature interview with former UN Human Rights Chief Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein (Dec 12-13); examining prison abolition — has prison outlived its purpose? (Dec 18); the spirituality of the saxophone (Dec. 19); and author Stephen Law takes us through the philosophical quagmire of the holidays (Dec. 23).

IDEAS schedule for November 2019

Highlights include: award-winning author Kamal Al-Solaylee on what it means to be brown in the world today (Nov 6); Boomer-bashing: Is it fair to blame a generation? (Nov 8); Sally Armstrong's CBC Massey Lectures: Power Shift: The Longest Revolution (Nov 11-15): and how climate change is threatening the complex ecosystems of deserts (Nov 22).

IDEAS schedule for October 2019

Highlights include: how the power of Broadway musicals can propel social change (Oct 5); Canadian author Astra Taylor searches for the meaning of democracy — challenging if it truly can exist (Oct 14); and Harvard historian of science Anne Harrington discusses the ongoing hunt for a biological basis to mental illness (Oct 28).

Ideas for September 2019

Highlights include: exploring 150 years of jeans — the most popular and possibly the most polluting garment in the world. (Sept. 13); author Ronald Wright on the state of civilization in 2019 (Sept. 19); and an examination of the unsettling relationship between facts and truth (Sept 25).

Ideas for August 2019

Highlights include: the power of Gwich'in storytelling (Aug. 8); a look back on Paul Kennedy's 1983 biographical series on Emma Goldman (Aug. 16) and lessons learned from the environmental success story of Sudbury (Aug. 28).

Ideas for July 2019

Highlights include: Canadian artist Kent Monkman on "Decolonizing Art History" (July 5); writer Michael Pollan on the therapeutic use of pscyhedelic drugs (July 11) and global thinker Yuval Harari on "Hacking Humanity" (July 15).

Ideas for June 2019

Highlights this month include: An entire week of programming celebrating Paul Kennedy's contribution to IDEAS as host and contributor. From June 24 to June 28, Paul reflects on the stories he's told on IDEAS over the past four decades.

Ideas for May 2019

Highlights this month include: "The Invisible Shoes of Stutthof Concentration Camp" (May 1) -- David Mairowitz tells the story of the discovery in 2015 of hundreds of shoes found at the former Stutthof Nazi concentration camp in Poland; and "The 1919 Winnipeg General Strike" (May 15), Tom Jokinen looks back at the biggest labour action in Canadian history: on May 15, 1919, over 35,000 workers took to the streets of Winnipeg for six weeks.

Ideas for April 2019

Highlights this month include: "Stealing Home" (April 15) -- Paul Kennedy pays tribute to baseball great, Jackie Robinson. And "Sudbury Shows the Way" (April 22) -- Paul Kennedy reports from Sudbury, Ontario. The city boasts the cleanest air of any city in Canada. Forty years ago, the surrounding landscape was completely dead and totally black.

Ideas for March 2019

Highlights this month include: "Guardians vs. Gardeners" (March 11) -- Brad Badelt travels to isolated Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior, where a controversial decision has been made to relocate wolves from the mainland to help sustain the island's dwindling pack.

Ideas for February 2019

Highlights this month include: "Reading Montaigne" (Feb 11) -- Tony Luppino opens the texts and life of Western literature's original 'free thinker' who wrote on everything from idleness and liars, to wearing clothes and punishing cowardice.

Ideas for January 2019

Highlights this month include: "Paul & Ted's Excellent Adventure (Jan 15) -- World-famous environmental photographer Edward Burtynsky and IDEAS host Paul Kennedy return to their home town of St. Catharines; and an encore presentation of Paul Kennedy's celebration of single malts:"Ideas about Whisky" (Jan 24).

Ideas for December 2018

Highlights this month include: "The Little Prince: The Child Philosopher" (December 11) -- Danny Braun explores the magic and enduring power of Antoine de Saint Exupéry's "Le Petit Prince"; and "Tom Thomson: 100 Years from Now", Part 2 (December 14) -- Contributor Sean Foley looks at our mortal and material fascination with Tom Thomson.

Ideas for November 2018

Highlights this month include: The 2018 CBC Massey Lectures (Nov 12 - 16). Prize-winning journalist Tanya Talaga (author of Seven Fallen Feathers) explores the legacy of cultural genocide against Indigenous peoples — in Canada and elsewhere — in her 2018 CBC Massey Lectures, All Our Relations: Finding the Path Forward.

IDEAS for October 2018

Highlights this month include: "The Mark of Cain: The BBC Reith Lectures" by Margaret MacMillan (Oct 5, 12, 19 & 26); and Physicist Neil Turok on "The Invention of Innovation" (Oct 8).

Ideas for September 2018

Highlights this month include: "The Labour Day Levee" (September 3): Paul Kennedy hosts a session with contributors and producers who are currently preparing shows that are scheduled to be broadcast in the days and weeks to come; and "Planet You: The mysterious world of the Microbiome" (Sept 19): Stephen Humphrey journeys into the mysterious world of the microbiome.

IDEAS for August 2018

Highlights this month include: An encore presentation of the "In Search of a Better World", the 2017 CBC Massey Lectures (Aug 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29). Payam Akhavan's lectures are powerful survey of some of the major human rights struggles of our times — and what each of us can do to make our world a little better.

IDEAS for July 2018

Highlights this month include: Gabrielle Scrimshaw on "Liberating the Past and Embracing the Future (July 6); and Jill Eisen's 3-part documentary series on the future of work (July 24, 31 & August 7).

IDEAS for June 2018

Highlights this month include: "A Map of the Heart" (June 12 & 19) More than a thousand years ago, rebel Vikings and other settlers fleeing from Norway settled on a craggy, uninhabited island in the north Atlantic: Iceland. There they built a new world with a new legal system, a new social order and — eventually — a new language. They also created stories about who they were. A thousand years later, the Icelandic language has barely changed, and today their stories are read and understood much as they were a millenia ago. Philip Coulter time-travels into the heart of the Icelandic Sagas.

IDEAS for May 2018

Highlights this month include:"Taming the Beast" (May 2), author Daemon Fairless takes IDEAS producer Mary Lynk on a road trip to try and unlock why some men are drawn to violence. And, "Paris, May 1968" (May 10,17 & 24), a 3-part documentary series by Philip Coulter about the 1968 general strike in Paris.

Ideas for April 2018

Highlights this month include: "Sir John A. Macdonald on Trial" (April 11 & 12) -- a special episode that puts Canada's first Prime Minister on trial for "crimes against humanity"; "It's Alive: Frankenstein at 200" (April 16) -- exploring how Mary Shelley's horror story reflects the anxieties of our modern times.

Ideas for March 2018

Highlights this month include: "Is There A Culture War Agaist Populism?" (March 2) and "Censorship & Identity: Free Speech for Me But Not For You (March 9) - two lively debates from the Battle of Ideas Festival in London. And "Can We Save Rosemary’s Baby?" (March 15) - film experts and cultural historians explore the good and bad in "Rosemary's Baby," and discover eerie parallels between 1968 and 2018, in the movie’s surprising treatment of women, and of evil - both familial and societal.

Ideas for February 2018

Highlights this month include: An encore presentation of "The Ultimate Simplicity of Everything" (February 1) -- Physicist Neil Turok believes that the universe "invites" us to figure it out, by giving us clues about its composition. And when we follow its clues, we discover that it's ultimately quite simple; and "Imagining the Singularity" (February 8) -- Are we at the point where machine intelligence exceeds human intelligence. Could this be the dawn of a technological paradise? Or could it trigger an existential crisis for humanity?

IDEAS for January 2018

Highlights this month include: an encore presentation of our series on"Us and Them: Diversity, Division, and a World of Difference" (January 8 - 12) featuring talks by Roberta Jamieson, Sisonke Msimang, Galia Sabar, Neera Chandhoke, and Aladin El-Mafalaani; "When Scotland Saved the World", (January 25) -- Paul Kennedy tells the story of the Scottish Enlightenment; and Ken Dryden on "Changing the Idea of Hockey" (January 5).

IDEAS for December 2017

Highlights this month include: "Borges' Buenos Aires: The Imaginary City" (Dec 6 & 13) -- exploring Jorge Luis Borges and the city he grew up in — Buenos Aires; "The Enduring Power of "The Stranger" (Dec 8) -- Radio Canada producer Danny Braun explores the enduring impact of Albert Camus' "L'Etranger".

IDEAS for November 2017

Highlights this month include: "In Search of a Better World" -- The 2017 CBC Massey Lectures by Payam Akahvan are powerful survey of some of the major human rights struggles of our times — and what each of us can do to make our world a little better. The lectures air Monday, November 6 through Friday, November 10.

IDEAS for October 2017

Highlights this month include: "Master of His Own Design" (Oct 6, 13) -- a look at the art and adversity that created Frank Gehry; The BBC Reith Lectures with Dame Hilary Mantel (Oct 5, 12, 19, & 26); and "Neoliberalism: Is it ruining the world?" (October 30) -- Bruce Livesey explores the rise and rule of neoliberal thought, and what it may mean for societies around the world.

IDEAS for September 2017

Highlights this month include: "Are We F--ked?: Decoding the resistance to climate change" (Sept 7 & 14) -- conversations with Clive Hamilton and Naomi Oreskes about climate change denial; and "Autonomy" (Sept 12) -- contributor Sean Prypck explores the unexpected implications of self-driving vehicles.

Ideas for August 2017

Highlights this month include: an encore presentation of "The Return of History", the 2016 CBC Massey Lectures by Jennifer Welsh (August 1, 8, 15 & 22); and "The Orwell Tapes" (Aug 16, 23, 30) -- Steve Wadhams delves into recordings he made with the people who knew George Orwell from his earliest days to his final moments.

Ideas for July 2017

Highlights this month include: "The Wire: The Impact of Electricity on Music" (July 6, 13, 20, 27 and continues in August) -- an award-winning series that tells the story of how electricity changed music in the 20th century; and encore presentations of many of our other award-winning programs: "The Shadow of Charm City" (July 7); "American Fascism: It can't happen here? (July 14); "All in the Family: Understanding the causes & consequences of trauma (July 21) & "No Man's Land" (July 28).

Ideas for June 2017

Highlights include: "Policing" (June 15 & 22) -- Do the police serve the public by doing what communities say they want and need? Or, do cops think they know what’s best for public safety and must protect us? A debate the dynamics of policing, trust and public consent in partnership with the Munk School of Global Affairs. And "US and THEM" (June 26, 27, 28, 29, 30) -- a 5-part series featuring talks presented in South Africa, Israel, India, Germany, and Canada -- all countries dealing with the reality of a diverse population. The series is produced by CBC IDEAS in partnership with The Laurier Institution.

Ideas for May 2017

Highlights this month include: The Rise of the Extreme Right in France" (May 2 & 5) -- Philip Coulter reports on the French presidential election; and "Bringing Up Fur Baby" (May 30) -- Kelley Jo Burke explores our relationship with animals.

Ideas for April 2017

Highlights this month include: "Bread: the rise and fall" (April 14) -Veronica Simmonds talks with bakers, religious leaders, historians and bread aficionados and asks whether bread has led us to salvation or damnation; and "Children of the Fatherland" (April 21) - Part 1 of Philip Coulter's series on the rise of the extreme right in France.

Ideas for March 2017

Highlights include: "The Lives of Women, Readers and Alice Munro" (March 8) - on a cold autumn evening in St. John's, five women gather for their regular book club and discuss Alice Munro's work; "Expletive Repeated: Why swearing matters" (March 16), a look at profanity with cognitive scientist, linguist, and author Benjamin K. Bergen; and a look at the rise of the extreme right in the Netherlands by Philip Coulter (March 9 & 14).

Ideas for February 2017

Highlights this month include: "The Ecology of Sound" (Feb 2) -- sound composter Hildegard Westerkamp on how opening our ears to our surroundings can open our minds; and "Downloading Decision" (Feb 23) -- Scott Lilwall explores how we might program robots to make ethical choices.

Ideas for January 2017

Highlights this month include: "Commute From Hell" (Jan 9) - Paul Kennedy looks at the terrible experience of Toronto commuters; "The Truth About 'Post-Truth'" (Jan 19) - examining the origins of the idea that the truth no longer exists; and "Darkwave" (Jan 24) - contributor Carrie Haber explores underwater languages at the brink of extinction.

Ideas for December 2016

Highlights this month include: "Decoding Death: The Science and Significance of Near Death Experiences" (Dec 7) -- Can consciousness continue to exist even after the heart and brain have stopped working; and "Seed Banks" (Dec 16) -- Maria Zytaruk explores how preserving seeds reflects the deepest of human fears and hopes.

Ideas for November 2016

Highlights this month include: "The Return of History: The 2016 CBC Massey Lectures" by Jennifer Welsh (Oct 31 - Nov 4); "Marconi: The Man Who Networked the World" -- David Gutnick goes on a tour of Guglielmo Marconi's influences in Montreal (Nov 10); and "The Matter Of Meat" (Nov 23) -- Kevin Ball looks at the arguments on the pros and cons of eating meat.

Ideas for October 2016

Highlights this month include: "The Post-Modern Chimpanzee Guide to Parenting" (Oct 6) -- the newest edition from our ongoing series "Ideas from the Trenches" with evolutionary anthropologist and University of Toronto PhD student Iulia Badescu. And, "Generation Mars" (Oct 20 & 27) -- Stephen Humphrey and a stellar crew of authors, astronauts and Mars scholars confront the hazards, risks and challenges of getting humans to Mars, and then of surviving - and living - on the Red Planet.

Ideas for September 2016

Highlights this month include: "Homework Ban" (Sept 7) -- Nicola Luksic marks the history of homework and what it would mean if it was banned all together; and "The Rabbit & the Giraffe" (Sept 12 & 19) -- Philip Coulter in conversation with Jean Vanier"

Ideas for August 2016

Highlights this month include: "History's People: The 2015 CBC Massey Lectures" by Margaret MacMillan (Aug 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29); "All in the Family", Mary O'Connell's 3-part series exploring chidlhood trauma (Aug 3, 10 & 17); and "Vestigial Tale" - a look at the evolutionary origins of human storytelling by documentary-maker Chris Brookes (Aug 11 & 18).

Ideas for July 2016

Highlights for this month include: "Wise Guys" (July 6), Yvonne Gall explores the world of the urban crow and reveals how crows are a lot like us; "Coyotl's Song" (July 13), Dave Redel reflects on the science and mythology of the wily coyote; and "Undoing Forever" (July 27), Britt Wray delves into the science, the ethics, and the implications of de-extinction for all animals, including us humans.

IDEAS for June 2016

Highlights this month include: "Fat & Sugar (June 15, 22), Jill Eisen explores the complex, and sometimes contradictory, science of nutrition; and "Big Data" (June 23 & 30), in partnership with the MUNK School of Global Affairs, a look at the world of Big Data.

IDEAS for May 2016

Highlights this month include: "Taking the Leap" (May 10), a conversation with author & activist Naomi Klein about her award-winning book "This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate"; "World on Fire" (May 16), a documentary about wildfires by Adrienne Lamb; and "No Man's Land" (May 25), Philip Coulter reports from a refugee camp outside of the city of Calais.

IDEAS for April 2016

Highlights this month include: "The Orwell Tapes", CBC producer Steve Wadhams delves into recordings he made with over 50 people who knew Orwell from his earliest days to his final moment; and "All In The Family", a 3-part series by Mary O'Connell exploring the impact of early childhood trauma on physical and mental health.

IDEAS for March 2016

Highlights this month include: An encore presentation of David Cayley's 5-part series on the ideas of French thinker René Girard; an exploration of transcultural psychiatry by producer David Gutnick; and physicist Neil Turok on "The Simplicity of Everything".

IDEAS for February 2016

Highlights this month include: Stephen Hawking illuminating on black holes in the BBC Reith Lectures; Lyse Doucet on the Syrian refugee crisis in the 2015 Dalton Camp Lecture in Journalism; and Anik See on the "Illusion of Money".

IDEAS for January 2016

Highlights this month include: "The Lady & The Unicorn", Philip Coulter explores the story behind six stunning and enigmatic medieval tapestries that hang in the Musée de Cluny in Paris; "Gun Crazy" a panel discussion about gun culture ownership with Canadian journalist and gun enthusiast A. J. Somerset.

IDEAS for December 2015

Highlights this month include: "The New Masters: The 2015 Sobey Art Award", Paul Kennedy speaks to the five finalists, and winner Abbas Akhavan; "Loving and Hating the Ferry", Newfoundlanders tell their stories the riding the Bell Island ferry, a lifeline, and the bane of every islanders' existence; and "Global Justice", a special panel discussion about human rights, recorded at the Munk School of Global Affairs.

IDEAS for November 2015

Highlights this month include: "History's People -- The 2015 CBC Massey Lectures by historian Margaret MacMillan; a philosopher's roundtable discussion on war and peace; and a new episode from our ongoing series, Ideas From the Trenches.

IDEAS for October 2015

Highlights this month include a celebration of 50 year of IDEAS! Beginning on Friday, October 9 and each Friday until the end of the month, you'll hear some special programs that look back at 50 years of IDEAS. Also, Garth Mullins & Lisa Hale present "The Coming Zombie Apocalypse", and Mary O'Connell takes us on a trippy path into the world of psychedelic drugs with her series "High Culture".

IDEAS for September 2015

This season marks IDEAS 50th Anniversary! Episodes this month include: "The Struggle Over Jihad" by contributor Naheed Mustafa; Paul Kennedy in conversation with anthropologist Wade Davis who delivers this year's Milton K. Wong Lecture; and producer Mary O'Connell talks to two economists about how modern mantras on the economy limit our choices and shut down civic debate.

IDEAS for August 2015

Highlights this month include an encore presentation of "Belonging: The Paradox of Citizenship" -- The 2014 CBC Massey Lectures by Adrienne Clarkson. The five lectures in the series will air weekly on Monday nights. Ashley Walters visits the community of Auroville in India to see how its utopian ideals have been realized, and Dave Redel explores new ideas about why some people are wizards at navigation, while others get completely lost in his documentary, "You Are Here".

IDEAS for July 2015

Episodes this month include encore presentations of Paul Kennedy's 5-part series on the War of 1812; and David Cayley's 7-part series "The Myth of the Secular". On Friday night's, programs from the Stratford Festival Forum series.

IDEAS for June 2015

Highlights this month: "Science Under Siege" -- a three-part series about the fraught relationship of science with institutions of power; "Much Ado About the Magna Carta" -- a look at the relevance and meaning of the Magna Carta. Anik See explores the question "Who Owns Ancient Art?" and "The Bugle and The Passing Bell" -- a five-part series that draws on the testimony of 200 Canadians who fought in WW1.

IDEAS for May 2015

Programs this month include: An exploration of the life and thought of Richard John Neuhaus; Sheetal Lodhia on alternative currencies, and a look at the winners of this year's Killam Prize. Also a profile of Dante Alighieri on the 750th anniversary of his birth. And Kelley Jo Burke ponders how we live in a world where everyone might have 15 minutes of shame.

IDEAS for April 2015

Episodes this month include Barbara Nichol's exploration of "Single Personality Disorder" on April 1st. On Good Friday, St. John Passion with Ivars Taurins and Robert Harris. On April 17, scholar Henry Giroux speaks about how we are abandoning our youth in a talk given at the Spur Festival. On April 15th: an encore presentation of The Motorcyle is Yourself - Tim Wilson's look back at Robert Pirsig's Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. And on April 28 & 29, Marilyn Powell and Adrienne Harris look at Women and Peacekeeping. Also this month, the latest Munk Debate on The West vs Russia, and the 2015 Gelber Prize.

IDEAS for March 2015

This month's episodes include a conversation with sexologist Leonore Tiefler about female sexuality and viagra, and world renowned classicist Mary Beard on humour in ancient Rome. Historians Jack Granatstein and Serge Durflinger debate whether conscription in Canada during the First World War was worth it, and broadcaster Megan Williams tells the story of underground Rome. For the final week in March, an encore presentation of Adrienne Clarkson's 2014 CBC Massey Lectures.

IDEAS for February 2015

Programs this month include the continuation of multi-part shows: The Trouble with Tolerance, Death Becomes Us, and Consent to Harm. From the IDEAS vault, Paul Kennedy's documentary about oysters. We'll also hear from luminaries including Camille Paglia, Chris Hedges and John Ralston Saul, and look at the subjects of Aging, Navigation and Shakespeare.

IDEAS for January 2015

Episodes this month include historian Yuval Noah Harari talking about his book on Sapiens; a feature interview with Harry Belafonte talking about Martin Luther King Jr., and Erna Paris on the Spanish Inquistion. We also hear moral philosopher Peter Singer on the necessity of ethcial end-of-life laws, and a presentation of the BBC Reith Lectures by Atul Gawande on the future of medicine.