Ideas in the Afternoon for September 2018

Ideas in the Afternoon airs Mondays at 2:05 pm on CBC Radio One.

September 2018

Monday, September 3
At the beginning of every broadcast season Paul Kennedy hosts a session with contributors and producers who are currently preparing shows that are scheduled to be broadcast in the days and weeks to come. Among other topics, this year's levee will include a discussion of "memorization", and a consideration of the mythology surrounding the famous Canadian artist Tom Thomson. 

Monday, September 10
Political comedy is everywhere on TV, but contributor Peter Brown is concerned: the laughter on late-night shows seems to be giving way to the earnest partisan cheering that comedian Seth Meyers calls "clapter". Are our current politicians becoming satire-proof? Or has satire always merely preached to the choir? In search of answers Peter looks to the classic satire of Juvenal, Swift and the Arab-speaking world, as well as prominent current practitioners including Armando Iannucci, creator of Veep and The Death of Stalin.

Monday, September 17
OVERLOOKED: Photography and the Smartphone
We've gone from capturing special moments on film, to snapping every aspect of our day on smartphones. What are the upsides and what are we losing? Photographers, curators and thinkers reflect on how this new image culture affects us, as well as its surprising links to earlier eras of photography.

Monday, September 24
It was a simple file folder, enigmatically labelled "B". But it was the key to learning how a small and little-known, perhaps even secret, society of key scientists in the federal government in the 1920s, thwarted an ill-conceived plan to move plains bison into Wood Buffalo National Park because it would have mixed incompatible species. But the "Brotherhood" did much more than that. Author and naturalist Briony Penn tells the story of the B, and how over the decades they quietly shaped how we think about nature.