Ibrahim's Story: One Man, One Country

Monarchies and Dictatorship. Coups and Colonialism. War and civil conflict. The road through 20th-century Iraq is littered with seismic upheavals like these. But what's been obscured is how Iraqis actually resisted geopolitical interventions and tried to create a society according to their own ideals. IDEAS producer Mary O'Connell traces the untold story of someone who lived through it all.
Ibrahim al-Hariri

Monarchies and Dictatorship. Coups and Colonialism. War and civil conflict. The road through 20th-century Iraq is littered with cataclysms like these. But what's been obscured by these seismic events is how Iraqis resisted geopolitical interventions and tried to create a society based on their own ideals. In fact, much of modern western media has excluded the personal narratives of those who've fought and died trying to create a democratic Iraq.

Ibrahim al-Hariri is a writer and journalist who's spent his life living out that ideal. His story begins with his childhood in Beirut and continues with his imprisonment and torture as a teenager in Iraq. Ibrahim and his fellow Communists continued to struggle – first, against British colonial rule, then against Saddam Hussein's regime and finally the American occupation.  After 70 years of political resistance, Ibrahim Ismail presents his untold story which provides an insightful and dramatic back-drop to the chaos and violence of present-day Iraq.  
IDEAS producer Mary O'Connell -- who's known Ibrahim for 25 years -- helps us understand his perilous and compelling journey.  **This episode originally aired September 8, 2016.

Reading List 
Producer Mary O'Connell interviewing Ibrahim al-Hariri
A political activist his whole life, Ibrahim continued on this path when he arrived in Canada. During the first Persian Gulf War, he staged a hunger strike on the steps of a church.
Mary and Ibrahim’s friendship has been a journey of both tears and laughter. Ibrahim shares a moment of hilarity with Mary’s daughter, Nuala.

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  • Independent Iraq:  British Influence from 1941-1958 by Matthew Elliot, I.B. Tauris, London, England, 1996
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