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Zyn, Zonnic, and the nicotine pouch craze

Today, we’re looking at the hype around nicotine pouches, their Canadian launch and what ‘Big Tobacco’ has to do with it.
A close up of a case of Zonnic flavoured nicotine pouches. Multiple health groups are concerned the product, which hit Canadian shelves in October, target young people.
Multiple health groups are concerned Zonnic, which hit Canadian shelves in October, is specifically targeting young people. There are no age-restrictions on who can purchase the flavoured nicotine pouches. (Turgut Yeter/CBC)

Snus in Sweden, Zyn all over TikTok and now, Zonnic in Canada. Nicotine pouches have been gaining profile, from Major League baseball dugouts to Joe Rogan's podcast. 

What are they? How are they different from vapes, dip and cigarettes? Are they a helpful tool for people looking to quit, or just hooking a new generation? 

First, freelance journalist Ashwin Rodrigues takes us through the product's rise in the U.S. and then CBC's Marina von Stackelberg tells us why Zonnic, the brand being sold in Canada, is already controversial.

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