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Work-from-home goes 'pandemic' to 'permanent'

Companies like Twitter, Shopify and OpenText are announcing plans to keep employees at home beyond the pandemic. Today on Front Burner, NPR’s Bobby Allyn and author Jennifer Moss tell us who stands to benefit from permanent remote work, and the new tech tools that could make it untenable.

Twitter says its staff can work from home as long as they want. The head of Shopify says "office centricity is over." OpenText is shuttering half of its offices, reducing its workforce and shifting 2000 employees to remote work. COVID-19 forced hundreds of millions of employees to temporarily work from home, but companies are starting to change their remote work strategies from "pandemic" to "permanent."

Today on Front Burner, NPR reporter Bobby Allyn explains what's driving the enthusiasm for remote work in Silicon Valley, and the employee surveillance tools he calls a "morale destroyer." Then, author and UN Happiness Committee member Jennifer Moss tells us who working from home is and isn't working for. 

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