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Why Joker is a polarizing film

Today on Front Burner, following Joker’s opening weekend, film critic and journalist Tina Hassannia unpacks the debate around the controversial film and takes a deep dive into the iconic Batman supervillain.
Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck in the controversial new movie "Joker". (Niko Tavernise/Warner Bros. Entertainment)

This weekend, a new Joker movie hit theatres, polarizing critics and audiences with a gritty take on the DC supervillain's origin story. The film also caught the attention of intelligence and law enforcement agencies who fear it could trigger public violence.

Today on Front Burner, journalist and film critic Tina Hassannia unpacks the iconic character and the different sides of the rhetoric surrounding the movie.

Warning: There won't be major spoilers, but this episode will cover some of the film's plot.

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