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Why Facebook banned news on its platform in Australia

As Canada considers ways to make big tech pay for news, Wired digital editor James Temperton outlines some lessons it could take from Australia's fight with Facebook.
Facebook blocked news posts for Australian users as the government plans to make technology companies pay for sharing news content. There are concerns something similar could happen to Canadians. (Dado Ruvic/Illustration/Reuters)

For Australian media, Facebook has left the chat.

Responding to proposed Australian legislation to force tech giants to pay for news on their platforms, Facebook has pre-emptively moved to block users from seeing and sharing news on its platform. Australian users cannot view or share content from domestic or international news sources while users outside Australia cannot share news from Australian sources.

James Temperton is digital editor of Wired's U.K. edition and host of the Wired podcast. Today on Front Burner, he reports on Facebook's Australia news ban and shares his thoughts on what other countries can learn from it as Canada considers a similar move.

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