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Why B.C.'s orcas are at risk, and what's at stake

Today on Front Burner, producer Catherine Rolfsen on the story of Canada’s endangered southern resident killer whales and their impact on politics and the environment.
A new baby was spotted swimming with the endangered southern resident killer whale J Pod off Tofino, B.C., on Thursday. (John Forde and Jennifer Steven)
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There are, at most, only 76 southern resident killer whales left in the world. They're endangered, and researchers and governments are struggling to figure out how best to save them. Right now, there's growing concern about the fate of J17, the matriarch of one of the most studied orca families, J pod - as she was recently spotted emaciated.

Killers: J pod on the brink is a new CBC podcast that dives deep into what's putting B.C.'s orca population at risk — from climate change to politics. Today on Front Burner, producer Catherine Rolfsen on why these marine mammals matter.

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