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What to do about climate anxiety

From record-breaking heat waves to droughts and floods — people are acutely experiencing climate change this summer. Many are struggling with ‘climate anxiety’ as a result. Stanford Planetary Health Fellow Britt Wray explains why, and what can be done about it.

People are acutely experiencing the effects of climate change this summer

An elderly resident leaves her home threatened by wildfire in the village of Gouves, on the island of Evia, Greece, on Aug. 8. Thousands of residents were evacuated from the Greek island of Evia by boat after wildfires hit Greece’s second-biggest island. (Konstantinos Tsakalidis/Bloomberg)

You know that feeling you get when you read another story about the devastating consequences of our warming planet? Yeah, that one. It's called climate anxiety. 

People have been feeling it even more acutely this summer, which has brought record-breaking heat waves, floods, droughts and intense wildfires that dominate the news cycle. 

Today on Front Burner we feature a conversation with Britt Wray, Planetary Health Fellow at Stanford University on understanding and coping with climate anxiety. 

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