The unlikely rise of the Toronto Raptors

Sportscaster Jack Armstrong tells us about a historic year from the Toronto Raptors, and the unlikely ascension of Canada’s only NBA franchise.
Then Raptors superstar Vince Carter looks onto the court as the Raptors take on the Golden State Warriors in Oakland, California. ( (Jed Jacobsohn/Getty))
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Twenty four years ago the Toronto Raptors were named the newest team in basketball — and the first franchise outside of the United States. The team would go from widespread public indifference, to being one of the most successful teams in the NBA.

The Raptors are in the middle of their most successful period as a franchise; with six straight playoff berths under their belt, and a prospective finals push on the horizon.

Today on Front Burner, we sit down with longtime voice of the Toronto Raptors, Jack Armstrong, to track the team's unlikely rise. For more about Armstrong visit

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