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State-sponsored hackers target vaccine research

Today on Front Burner: The threat state-sponsored hackers pose for vaccine research and development — and what exactly is driving them.
U.S. Justice Department has been targeting those who disseminated the sprawling Kelihos botnet, in which compromised computers that sent phoney emails advertising counterfeit drugs and work-at-home scams, harvested users' logins and installed malware that stole account passwords. Pytor Levashov was arrested in Spain on Friday as part of their investigation. (Kacper Pempel/Reuters)

While scientists worldwide are trying to develop a vaccine for COVID-19, reports show an uptick in state-sponsored medical hacking. Countries like China and Iran appear to be actively hacking vaccine research. 

Today on Front Burner: We talk to cybersecurity expert Priscilla Moriuchi about the fears that are driving these hacking efforts, and how they could derail vaccine research.