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Salman Rushdie's journey across the U.S.

Today on Front Burner, author Salman Rushdie, whose new book Quichotte is a modern-day retelling of Don Quixote. The novel looks at everything from the opioid crisis to reality television to the end of the world.
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The last time Salman Rushdie won the Booker Prize, it was 1981. It's been 24 years since his last nomination. After his new book, Quichotte, came out, he was pleasantly surprised to find himself back on the list of nominees. "It's like, finally!" says Rushdie. "They remembered I was around." The new book is a retelling of Don Quixote, with an Indian-American salesman travelling across the United States on a quest. His journey touches on issues like the opioid crisis, our addiction to reality TV, and the end of the world. Rushdie joins Jayme Poisson to give his unique perspective on these hectic times.  

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