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Questions about 'miracle' drug used for breastfeeding

A CBC investigation into domperidone, a drug many women use for breastfeeding — but which some say left them in severe psychological distress.
Emily Matreal took domperidone when her breastmilk supply dropped off suddenly, three months after her son Conner was born. (Emily Matreal)

Domperidone, a gastrointestinal medication, is often prescribed off-label to breastfeeding women in Canada to help increase their milk supply. Many have described it as a "miracle drug" that has helped them feed their babies. But, as a CBC investigation has found, some also believe that withdrawal after they stopped taking the drug left them in severe psychological distress — and even, in some cases, suicidal.

Today, Tara Carman — a senior reporter with CBC's national investigative unit — walks us through her team's findings.

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