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Quebec's secularism bill praised and denounced as hearings begin

Today on Front Burner, a young Muslim woman on how Quebec’s secularism bill might affect her livelihood, and CBC Montreal reporter Jonathan Montpetit brings highlights from this week’s hearings on the bill.
Samira Laouni at Bill 21 hearings in Quebec City. May 8, 2019. (Jonathan Montpetit/CBC)

This week, hearings were held on Quebec's secularism bill — which aims to ban public workers in positions of authority from wearing religious symbols. There were fiery exchanges: some say the bill institutionalizes discrimination, while others think secularism is crucial to keeping Quebec's distinct identity. Today on Front Burner, the CBC's Jonathan Montpetit brings us highlights from the debate — and we hear from a young Muslim woman who worries her livelihood will be affected by the bill.

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