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Please Explain: Where the major parties stand on climate change

In Please Explain, voters come on Front Burner to ask their biggest questions about the election. First up: Marieke Walsh from the Globe and Mail explains the party platforms on climate change, and how the carbon tax is doing for Canada.
Green Paty Leader Elizabeth May, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer.

It's the first instalment of a new Front Burner segment, Please Explain, where Canadian voters come on and have their questions answered about important policy issues ahead of the 2019 federal election. Today, Front Burner theme song writer Joseph Shabason has a lot of questions about the party's climate policies. Is the carbon tax working? Would the Conservative plan be effective? Is the Green plan doable? 

Our expert guest is Marieke Walsh, of the Globe and Mail, who published a comprehensive explainer last week about where the parties stand on carbon taxes, energy retrofits, and everything to do with Canada's greenhouse gas emissions. 

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