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Ontario's COVID-19 case count is climbing — why?

As crowds spark outrage by converging on a popular Toronto park, CBC’s Mike Crawley reports on why COVID-19 cases are increasing in Ontario.
The City of Toronto has deployed more enforcement officers to Trinity Bellwoods Park after complaints of groups not following physical distancing rules on the weekend. (Laura Howells/CBC)

On Saturday, images of hundreds of people at a crowded park in downtown Toronto went viral, infuriating people across Ontario for the flagrant disregard of social distancing. That anger was directed at a city where the spread of the virus is increasing, as Ontario fails to meet testing benchmarks.

With some COVID-19 restrictions relaxed in the province, experts say Ontario is moving in the wrong direction. What will Premier Doug Ford do to fix it? CBC's Ontario provincial affairs reporter Mike Crawley joins us to explain.

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