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One man's fight for his right to die

Today on Front Burner, as Canada evaluates legislation on medically assisted dying, we speak with an advocate who wants to be able to decide to die in advance.
Ron Posno is in the early stages of dementia. He wants the right to an assisted death when his condition becomes more severe. (Alisa Siegel/CBC)
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Ron Posno knows how he wants to die — on his own terms and with help from a health-care professional. He's an advocate for people with dementia and a volunteer with Dying with Dignity Canada in London, Ont. But he doesn't qualify for a medically assisted death right now.

That could change. Starting this week, the federal government has launched two weeks of public consultations asking Canadians how they would like to amend the existing laws on medically assisted dying. This follows a Quebec ruling last September that found people should be able to access assisted dying even if death is not imminent.

Today on Front Burner, we ask if dementia patients should be able to consent to an assisted death in advance.

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