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Meghan Markle, the monarchy and racism

After a bombshell interview between Oprah Winfrey and Meghan Markle watched by millions around the world, culture writer Kovie Biakolo discusses its revelations and the issue of racism in the Royal Family.
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is suing publisher Associated Newspapers over articles which reproduced parts of a letter sent to her father Thomas Markle in August 2018. Lawyers for the publisher argued Wednesday Meghan had no reasonable expectation of privacy in sending the letter. (Kirsty Wigglesworth/Getty Images)

On Sunday night, Meghan Markle gave an interview to Oprah Winfrey, when she told her side of the story about the rift between her family and the Royal Family. Today on Front Burner, culture writer Kovie Biakolo shares her perspective on the interview, and on issues of race within the British monarchy: "I think there's a dissonance that the monarchy has, that the British public who support the monarchy have, they don't understand that that is a vestige of imperialism, and that vestige of imperialism is associated with racism."