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McGill 'hazing' survivor reflects on St. Michael's sexual assault allegations

D'Arcy McKeown is a former rookie at the centre of a 2005 football 'hazing' controversy at McGill University. As a police investigation continues into what happened at St. Michael's, he shares his story.
Parents file into a meeting at St. Michael's College School on Friday. The private Catholic boys' school said police are now looking into a third troubling incident, following allegations that surfaced this week that one boy was assaulted and another sexually assaulted. (Farrah Merali/CBC)
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Police are investigating alleged assaults and sexual assaults at St. Michael's College School, including one reportedly involving members of the football team holding down another student and sexually assaulting him with a broom handle. D'Arcy McKeown was the victim of a similar 'hazing' incident at McGill University. He speaks out about his experience.

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