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James Webb telescope reveals galaxies far, far away

Images from the James Webb Space Telescope revealed the most in-depth look at the distant universe so far. Today on Front Burner, we dive into what the images reveal and why some are finding them overwhelming.
(NASA, European Space Agency, Canadian Space Agency, Space Telescope Science Institute)

Last week NASA revealed five images from the James Webb Space Telescope which gave the sharpest look at the universe's cosmic history. The images, which showed stunning visuals of orange and red gasses, spinning galaxies and dying stars, are the first to show in detail what the universe looked like billions of light-years away.

The telescope, which was launched last December, is a collaboration between NASA and the European and Canadian space agencies and is designed to be successor to the older Hubble Space Telescope. Scientists and viewers alike have been in awe of these images.

Today on Front Burner, we unpack the enormity of these visuals, what they mean for space research and why so many are emotional over these images with science writer Shannon Stirone.