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'I'm done': Britney Spears fights back against conservatorship

As Britney Spears fights for her legal freedom, Dominic Patten, senior editor for Deadline Hollywood, joins us to explain the latest revelations on the 13-year conservatorship that controls every aspect of the pop icon’s life.
Britney Spears’s father, Jaime, has asked the court overseeing his daughter’s conservatorship to investigate her recent statements to a judge on the court’s control of her medical treatment and personal life. (The Associated Press)

This week, the long-time manager of Britney Spears resigned, citing his client's plans to officially retire from music. It's the latest update in the "Free Britney" saga: an increasingly public fight that has seen the pop star attempt to regain control over her life and end the conservatorship that has ruled her career, estate and personal choices for thirteen years.

Today, we're joined by Dominic Patten, senior editor for Deadline Hollywood, who brings us up to speed on the shocking allegations of abuse and mismanagement at the centre of the legal battle.

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