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How to get tough with the unvaccinated

As a potential COVID-19 fourth wave looms, epidemiologist Raywat Deonandan talks to guest host Jonathan Montpetit about frustrations with those who have opted out of a COVID-19 vaccine thus far, and options for getting tougher on their access to public spaces.
People walk by a COVID-19 vaccination sign in Montreal, Sunday, August 8, 2021, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues in Canada and around the world. (Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press)

As Canada's Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam warns that the country could be headed toward a fourth wave of COVID-19 infections, some vaccinated people are feeling frustrated with those who are opting out of COVID-19 immunization even when it's available to them. 

Today, guest host Jonathan Montpetit speaks with University of Ottawa epidemiologist Raywat Deonandan about those frustrations, and the options for getting stricter about vaccinations.