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How AEW changed the wrestling landscape in 2021

Even if the wrestling match between Bryan Danielson and Winnipeg’s own Kenny Omega wasn’t the highlight of your year, this episode is still for you.
Kenny Omega fights Jungle Boy at AEW Saturday Night Dynamite in Jacksonville, Fla in June 2021. (AEW)

We all know what pro wrestling is: scripted stories, exploding barbed wire death matches, and very real athleticism and danger. And for the last four decades, WWE has stayed in the cultural lexicon as the biggest name in the pro wrestling world. But now, a new contender is rising. All Elite Wrestling, founded in 2018 by 38-year-old Tony Khan, is gaining serious momentum — thanks to the help of the new generation of Canadian wrestlers like Winnipeg's own Kenny Omega. 

Today on Front Burner, managing editor at, Sean Ross Sapp, on the legacy of WWE and the changing face of wrestling with the rise of its adversary, All Elite. 

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