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Hong Kong's uncertain future

On Thursday, China’s National People’s Congress approved the draft resolution of the controversial National Security Law. Today on Front Burner, Antony Dapiran, author of “City on Fire: the fight for Hong Kong," discussed the legislation and what it might mean for the future of Hong Kong and the political idea of “one country, two systems.
A woman argues with police as she was told to stay away from the area in Mongkok, Hong Kong, on Wednesday. Thousands of protesters shouted pro-democracy slogans and insults at police. (Kin Cheung/The Associated Press)

China's ceremonial parliament, the National People's Congress, endorsed a national security law for Hong Kong on Thursday. Many residents are concerned that the law will undermine civil liberties and might be used to suppress political activity. Today on Front Burner, journalist and lawyer Antony Dapiran on what this might mean for Hong Kong's future, and whether this could signal the end of "one country, two systems" in the former British colony.

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