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He survived a massacre and became living evidence

Today on Front Burner, CBC’s Nahlah Ayed brings us the story of Ramiro Cristales. As a boy he survived a brutal massacre during the Guatemalan civil war, only to be abducted and forced to live with a soldier who killed members of his family. As a man he came to Canada as a refugee and helped send that soldier to over 5000 years in prison.
(Submitted by Sara Romero)
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In 1982 a brutal massacre in a small farming community during the Guatemalan civil war left over 160 men, women and children dead. Over thirty years later, one of the men responsible for the horrific murders has been sentenced to more than 5000 years in prison by a Guatemalan Court. His name is Santos López Alonzo. Today on Front Burner, CBC's Nahlah Ayed explains how a little boy that Santos López kidnapped from the village after the massacre… would one day grow up and help put him behind bars.

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