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Fear, isolation and a cross-Canada manhunt

Today on Front Burner, the CBC’s Jason Proctor explains why the ongoing manhunt for two B.C. murder suspects has left many residents of Canada’s north feeling vulnerable and afraid.
A full-scale manhunt is underway near Gillam, Man., after a burnt-out vehicle was found in the area. Police say it was the same car used by two suspects wanted in connection to three deaths in British Columbia. (Gilbert Rowan/CBC)

It started as a series of upsetting but seemingly disconnected events. A burned-out car. A couple found dead. Two friends gone missing. Then, eventually, a bigger picture emerged.

And now, a Canada-wide manhunt is underway for two B.C. murder suspects. Today we pull together all the threads of this story with the CBC's Jason Proctor. He's been covering this story from Vancouver and rural B.C.

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