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FaceApp: Fact, fiction and fears

Viral photo editing app FaceApp has entertained millions of users but tech insiders are raising red flags about intrusions into online privacy. Today on Front Burner, CBC’s Kaleigh Rogers on whether users are right to be concerned.
Drake is seen in this photo posted on his Instagram page using an aging app. The image-altering service FaceApp has found renewed interest as a wave of users share pictures of their older selves but the attention has also renewed privacy concerns about its use. (@champagnepapi/Instagram/The Canadian Press)
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It's the AI-assisted photo editing app that has entertained millions of users around the world. Open FaceApp on your smartphone, upload of a photo of yourself, and you — like Drake, the Jonas Brothers and Steph Curry — can see what you might look like in your golden years. But just like everything we do online, when you take a closer look, it's more complicated than it seems. On Front Burner, we speak to Kaleigh Rogers, CBC's senior reporter covering disinformation online, about the facts and fears about FaceApp.

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