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Coronavirus: WHO says COVID-19 is a pandemic

COVID-19 has spread to more than 100 countries and the number of cases continues to increase outside of China. We look at why the World Health Organization now calls this a pandemic, how well-positioned Canada is, and what experts mean when they say we need to “flatten the curve” through individual behaviour.
WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced on Wednesday that the new coronavirus outbreak can now be characterised as a pandemic. (Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images)

What does it mean that WHO is now calling COVID-19 a pandemic? And what's behind the idea of "flattening the curve"? Plus, Prime Minister Trudeau has announced measures to fight the outbreak, including $1 billion in spending. So is Canada doing enough? We're joined by CBC senior health writer Adam Miller to explain all that and to break down the latest news.

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