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Canadian teacher home after 'nightmare in Indonesia'

Teacher Neil Bantleman has been freed from an Indonesian prison and is back in Canada. Today on Front Burner, CBC’s Mark Kelley on the seriously flawed sex abuse trial that put him behind bars.
Neil Bantleman back home in Canada with his wife Tracey. (Heather Van Sickle)
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Neil Bantleman was teaching at a school in Jakarta, Indonesia when he and seven others were accused of sex crimes against students. He maintained his innocence despite being convicted in an Indonesian court. CBC's The Fifth Estate co-host Mark Kelley travelled to Indonesia to look into the case and found the serious flaws in the investigation and evidence presented against him. Now, Bantleman is back in Canada after being granted clemency. Today on Front Burner, Kelley talks to guest host Michelle Shephard about what he found in the course of making The Fifth Estate's 2016 documentary Nightmare in Indonesia.

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