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Canada's QAnon 'Queen' and her escalating rhetoric

An influential figure in the QAnon conspiracy world is based right here in Canada, and one of her followers has been arrested after allegedly making threats against a school.
In her letters and online postings Romana Didulo claims to be the 'sovereign of the republic of Canada' and demands that vaccinations and other measures to control the COVID-19 pandemic be stopped. In one video, she plans to endorse executions over people in authority who don't comply. (Bitchute)

For months, a B.C.-based QAnon conspiracy influencer named Romana Didulo has been amassing followers online, declaring herself the "Queen of Canada."

In the summer, her audience began distributing cease-and-desist letters across North America on her behalf, demanding a stop to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Recently, her rhetoric escalated when she urged her followers to "shoot to kill" anyone who administers vaccines to children. The RCMP have visited her since, and one of her followers in Laval, Que., was arrested after allegedly posting threats about his daughter's school. 

Today on Front Burner, Vice World News reporter Mack Lamoureux discusses this influential QAnon figure, her active base of followers and law enforcement's response.