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Big plans and controversies: Alberta's Danielle Smith charts a path

Danielle Smith has been premier of Alberta for about six weeks, and a clearer picture is emerging of how she intends to lead the province — all while she continues to deal with controversial statements both during her time as premier and as a media personality.
Alberta Premier Danielle Smith gives a televised address on Tuesday, Nov. 23. (YourAlberta/Youtube)

Danielle Smith has been premier of Alberta for about six weeks.

Her anti-Ottawa rhetoric and proposed sovereignty act ignited the leadership race. Then, on the day Smith took office, she commented that unvaccinated people were the "most discriminated against group." A First Nations leader in Alberta has even called into question her claims of Indigenous heritage.

Smith took to television Tuesday evening to address the province and lay out her agenda. Now, we're starting to get a clearer picture of who she is as a leader and where she plans to take the province.

Today, CBC's Jason Markusoff is here to explain what has happened during Smith's first weeks as premier.

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