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Behind impeachment: Life in a Ukrainian war zone

Today on Front Burner, CBC’s Russia correspondent Chris Brown takes us inside Eastern Ukraine’s separatist conflict and explains why the U.S. military aid was so important for the civilians who have lived with six years of war.
11 year old Masha Rizhkova has never known anything but war and fighting in her home near the contact line between Ukrainian and separatist forces. (Alexei Sergeev/CBC)
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The war in Ukraine and U.S. military aid was central to this week's impeachment of U.S. President Donald Trump. That war has left roughly 13,000 people dead with many more injured and internally displaced.

Today on Front Burner, CBC's Russia correspondent Chris Brown will take us inside the conflict to explain why the U.S. military aid Trump withheld had life-and-death stakes for the people who have lived through six long years of war.

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