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AstraZeneca's self-inflicted wounds

The AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine has been hailed as a cheap and easy jab to fight COVID-19. But a series of corporate stumbles have clouded its promise and science-backed results.
A vial of some of the first 500,000 of the two million AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine doses that Canada secured. (Carlos Osorio/The Canadian Press)

When the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine was first announced, many people saw it as the way out of the pandemic. But since then it's been plagued by bad headlines, miscommunication and straight-up bad luck.

Now, U.S. health officials have taken the rare step of sending the company a scathing letter for releasing what they say is "outdated and potentially misleading" data on the vaccine's efficacy.

STAT health reporter Helen Branswell breaks down why this effective and safe vaccine can't seem to catch a break.

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