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Amidst profound political crisis, U.K. heads to the polls

Today on Front Burner, BBC’s Rob Watson on why the stakes are so high in the upcoming U.K. election.
U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn answer questions during the ITV Leaders Debate last month in Salford, England. (Jonathan Hordle/ITV via Getty Images)
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The U.K. election campaign is entering its final days. On Thursday, the country will head to the polls for the third time in under five years. The incumbent Tory, Boris Johnson, is promising to "get Brexit done." Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn is proposing another referendum. Both leaders are grappling with grim popularity ratings. Today on Front Burner, BBC's Rob Watson lays out the high stakes, saying "the U.K. has never faced a peacetime challenge like Brexit."

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