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After the storm: two portraits of hurricane recovery

As the Bahamas takes stock of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Dorian, two very different portraits of recovery: Houston, Texas and the Caribbean island of Dominica, each rocked by hurricanes in 2017.
A man walks amid destruction on a street September 23, 2017 in Roseau on the Caribbean island of Dominica following passage of Hurricane Maria. / AFP PHOTO / Cedrick Isham CALVADOS (AFP/Getty Images)
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This week, Hurricane Dorian delivered catastrophic damage to the Bahamas. It was a Category 5 storm when it hit the island nation, with winds of up to 295 km/hr, and Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said it left "generational devastation." Today on Front Burner, in the age of intensifying storms, two very different portraits of hurricane recovery. Janise Elie of the Guardian describes the devastation of the Caribbean Island of Dominica by Hurricane Maria in 2017. Then, Rice University assistant professor Max Besbris talks about how Houston, Texas rebuilt after Hurricane Harvey that same year.

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