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After backlash, a public inquiry into the Nova Scotia mass shooting

After growing pressure, the federal government announced a public inquiry into the Nova Scotia mass shooting earlier this year. We’ll find out what that could mean for the families of the 22 victims.
The faces of some of the victims killed by a gunman in Nova Scotia over the weekend. There have been 22 victims identified so far. (CBC)
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On April 18-19, a gunman went on a shooting rampage across central Nova Scotia, killing 22 people. Since then, families of the victims have been pushing for a public inquiry. That's because there are still questions about the RCMP's response to the shooting.

After initially opting for a review into the tragedy, which drew much criticism, provincial and federal governments have now committed to a joint public inquiry. This comes in the same week as the release of some previously redacted court documents that could reveal more about the case.

Today on Front Burner, CBC Nova Scotia's Brett Ruskin on these recent developments.