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About Front Burner

About Front Burner

About the show

Front Burner is a daily news podcast that explores the big stories of the day with curiosity and an open mind. Every weekday, award-winning investigative journalist Jayme Poisson leads you deep into the narratives shaping Canada and the world. Through original reporting and smart conversations, Front Burner will leave you feeling more informed, connected and eager to share what you've learned.

About the team

Jayme Poisson, Host

Jayme Poisson is the host of Front Burner. She spent years as an investigative reporter for The Toronto Star. Jayme has been nominated for three national newspaper awards. She was part of a team that won the Governor General's Michener award for reporting on former Toronto mayor Rob Ford. She has won the Sidney Hillman award for public service journalism twice, for investigations into sexual assault on university campuses and ongoing mercury poisoning in Grassy Narrows First Nation. The mercury poisoning investigation also won an award for achievement in human rights reporting from the organization Journalists for Human Rights.

Shannon Higgins, Producer

Producer Shannon Higgins spent eight years cutting her teeth on daily current affairs coverage at CBC Radio's The Current, and followed that up with a foray into music and arts journalism at q with Tom Power at CBC Music. Her favourite projects include a documentary about why the Harry Potter generation can't let go of The Boy Who Lived, and a special devoted entirely to issues related to disability. Shannon lives in Toronto and Lemony Snicket once called her "impure."

Elaine Chau, Producer

Producer Elaine Chau came to CBC through the Peter Gzowski internship and spent the beginning of her career chasing the news for The Early Edition in Vancouver. She just spent two years on q with Tom Power, where she honed her arts journalism skills. Elaine is most proud of an award-winning program she hosted and co-produced called Wui Gwai: Hong Kong Homecoming, about the legacy of Hong Kong immigrants in Vancouver. She is a coffee nerd, a dedicated eater, and makes really delicious pies.

Nick McCabe-Lokos, Executive Producer

Executive Producer Nick McCabe-Lokos has led award-winning radio programs that include Day 6, Quirks & Quarks and q. He's also worked in television, print and at Goodwill.