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A son's extraordinary mission to care for his mother

As fears mount over deaths from COVID-19 outbreaks in long-term care homes, one Toronto man makes an incredible sacrifice so he can see, and care for, his mother.
With his mother’s long-term care facility under quarantine after a COVID-19 outbreak, Brian Corcoran found a way to visit her: by starting to work there. (Courtesy of Brian Corcoran)

Concerns about deadly coronavirus outbreaks at long-term care homes are top of mind for a lot of Canadians.

Today, we speak with a man who is going to incredible, and potentially life-threatening, lengths to visit his mother at her nursing home in Toronto.

With the facility on lockdown and a resident with COVID-19, there was only one way Brian Corcoran could visit and check up on his mom, Margaret — get a part-time job on staff.