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A fake nurse's long history of impersonation

Brigitte Cleroux, 49, faces criminal charges in both British Columbia and Ontario related to impersonation and fraud and has a long list of previous convictions for similar crimes.
Alexandra Tymkiw, right, talks to Paige Morris about their interaction with Brigitte Cleroux, a woman who posed as a perioperative nurse for a year at B.C. Women's Hospital. (Christian Amundson/CBC)

For a year, a 49-year-old woman in B.C. posed as a nurse at a Vancouver hospital, even assisting in gynecological surgeries, despite not actually being a nurse. Brigitte Cleroux has since been criminally charged, but it turns out she has a long history of impersonations dating back decades and spanning multiple provinces. 

Now, former patients are left with serious questions about the care they received, and how she was able to even get the job in the first place. 

Today, CBC Vancouver's Bethany Lindsay tells us more about those patients, and CBC Ottawa's Shaamini Yogaretnam explains Cleroux's decades of impersonations.