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A disappearance at 'The Pit'

Nearly six years after her disappearance, Sheree Fertuck’s husband is on trial for murder in Saskatoon. Today Front Burner explores the controversial undercover police sting at the heart of the case.
Sheree and Greg Fertuck pictured at their wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, in 1991. (Submitted by Teaka White)

Nearly six years after Sheree Fertuck's disappearance near Kenaston, Sask., a murder trial is underway for her husband in Saskatoon. 

The Crown says Greg Fertuck confessed to shooting Sheree and disposing of her body. But Greg's confession was made to undercover police, who posed as criminals in a controversial operation known as a "Mr. Big" sting.

The judge must now decide whether Greg's confession is admissible at trial. Greg has pleaded not guilty. 

Today on Front Burner, we trace back every twist in the case with Alicia Bridges, co-host of the CBC investigative podcast The Pit

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