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36 years later: The truth about who murdered Christine Jessop

Thirty-six years and one wrongful conviction later, Christine Jessop’s cold case is finally solved. But what questions remain?
In an interview with CBC News, Janet Jessop, the mother of Christine Jessop, who was abducted north of Toronto in 1984 at the age of nine, said the support of friends and community members helped her family get through some dark times. (CBC)

After 36 years, an infamous cold case involving the rape and mutilation of a little girl has finally been solved. The horrific mystery surrounding the abduction and murder of Christine Jessop captured the attention of the nation in the '80s and led to the wrongful conviction of an innocent man.

Today, former CBC investigative journalist Linden MacIntyre has come out of retirement to explain why it took nearly four decades to uncover Jessop's killer and what haunting questions still remain.

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