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2 generations of conservatives on the Conservative Party's future

In the aftermath of the election, two generations of conservative voices on what they think is threatening the Conservative Party, and what needs to happen if they want to win majority governments.
Andrew Scheer speaks to his supporters on the stage at Conservative Party HQ on Election Day in Regina on Monday October 21, 2019. (Michael Bell / Canadian Press)
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Today on Front Burner, longtime conservative radio host Charles Adler, and young conservative Anthony Koch, on the future of Canada's Conservative Party. With the Liberal's minority win, the Conservatives are now the largest opposition in Canadian history. But support for the party is strongest in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and the Liberals more than doubled the Conservatives count in seat-rich Ontario. In light of this, the party faces some real questions about how to run its next campaign, and whether Andrew Scheer should stay on as leader.

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