What is the militant neo-Nazi group 'The Base'?

Today on Front Burner, VICE’s Mack Lamoureux and Ben Makuch talk about the global neo-Nazi group “The Base”, the investigation into a Canadian army reservist, and the military’s stance on extremism in their ranks.

The 2 sides to Justin Trudeau: A pre-election profile

Ahead of the fall election, a portrait of Justin Trudeau and his time in office with the help of CBC News political reporter Aaron Wherry.
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A veteran mob reporter on organized crime in Canada today

Today on Front Burner, Toronto Star reporter Peter Edwards on a brazen “targeted” shooting in Toronto, and his take on the state of organized crime in Canada.

Climate change at centre of Elections Canada partisan ad controversy

Today on Front Burner, Elections Canada spokesperson Natasha Gauthier explains why the agency may deem climate change a partisan issue during the 2019 federal election; and executive director of Evidence for Democracy, Katie Gibbs, shares her perspective on the controversy.

Women's lives upended after cancer diagnosis linked to BIOCELL breast implants

The BIOCELL textured breast implant is linked to a rare form of cancer that has struck women in Canada and around the world. CBC investigative journalist Valérie Ouellet joins us to explain how this particular breast implant flew under the radar for so long.

Kenora, Ont., closes only homeless shelter in midst of drug crisis

Opioids and crystal meth have hit the population of Kenora, Ont., hard. TVO reporter Jon Thompson joins us from Kenora to explain why local authorities have decided to temporarily close the city’s only homeless shelter in the midst of a drug crisis.

'Troubling tactics' and the ethics report on Justin Trudeau

A report from the ethics commissioner Wednesday said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his office used “troubling tactics” in the SNC-Lavalin case. The CBC’s Vassy Kapelos breaks down what it all means, two months before the election.

Boris Johnson's U.K. hurtles toward Brexit deadline

Today on Front Burner, CBC’s Susan Ormiston pops by to talk about Boris Johnson’s time as prime minister of the United Kingdom and explain what’s next for Brexit.

A former neo-Nazi on the El Paso shooting and the rise of white supremacy

A man who used to write propaganda for the neo-Nazi movement says he is on a mission to reform racists and share his own story—in the hope of preventing attacks like the recent El Paso shooting.

Jeffrey Epstein's death: The conspiracies and the fallout

Following the apparent suicide of accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, we turn to Marc Fisher, senior editor at The Washington Post, to unpack the latest developments in this story and to discuss what they mean for Epstein’s victims.

Why the China-U.S. trade war matters

Today on Front Burner, we sit down with the CBC’s Peter Armstrong to talk about the escalating U.S.-China trade war, and how it could affect the global financial market.

Beyond the dimples: A profile of Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer

With the October federal election fast approaching, we profile Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer with the help of Maclean’s Ottawa bureau chief John Geddes.

'Pick up the book and read': Canadian poets on the legacy of Toni Morrison

Today on Front Burner, in the wake of Toni Morrison’s death, two Canadian poets explain the importance of her legacy, and share why they’re among the countless writers inspired by her work.

'A sickening déjà vu': 2 U.S. mass shootings in one weekend stun reporter

After the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio this past weekend, we talk to Jennifer Mascia from The Trace about gun violence and gun reform in America.

A Crucifix, A Mystery Illness and a Refugee

Today on Front Burner, we revisit some of our most interesting stories, including a mystery illness hitting Canadian diplomats in Cuba, and the odyssey of a Syrian refugee now living in British Columbia.

Flying cars, an artificial moon and Saudi Arabia's $500 billion vision for the future

Today on Front burner, the Wall Street Journal’s Justin Scheck on “Neom” — Saudi Arabia’s $500 billion vision for the future, and what it tells us about their fight to redefine their place on the international stage.

Who is the alleged Capital One hacker?

Today on Front Burner, Greg Otto, editor-in-chief of CyberScoop, brings us the story of Paige Thompson, the alleged hacker at the centre of the massive Capital One data that hit millions of Canadians.

Why B.C.'s orcas are at risk, and what's at stake

Today on Front Burner, producer Catherine Rolfsen on the story of Canada’s endangered southern resident killer whales and their impact on politics and the environment.

How a failed terrorism case derailed one Canadian's life

The report from an external review into the Hassan Diab extradition case has been released, and Diab calls it a “whitewash.” On Front Burner, CBC senior reporter David Cochrane breaks down one of the most intensely fought extradition cases in Canadian history.

What's the big deal about Beyond Meat?

As Beyond Meat’s stock rises to an all-time high, Michael Grunwald digs into the meat alternative’s relationship to the climate crisis and politics. He’s a senior writer at Politico magazine.

Fear, isolation and a cross-Canada manhunt

Today on Front Burner, the CBC’s Jason Proctor explains why the ongoing manhunt for two B.C. murder suspects has left many residents of Canada’s north feeling vulnerable and afraid.

The key takeaways of Robert Mueller's marathon testimony

Today on Front Burner, the CBC’s Paul Hunter on Robert Mueller’s reluctant testimony on Capitol Hill, and why both sides of the aisle are claiming victory.

Why do illegal weed dispensaries still exist?

Today on Front Burner, the CBC’s Zach Dubinsky and Sol Israel from The Leaf News on illegal pot shops that brazenly defy the law and why they exist in the age of legal weed.

The perpetual Marvel machine

Marvel Studios has announced plans for the latest phase of the Marvel cinematic universe, setting the world of deep superhero fandom abuzz. On Front Burner, we speak to Eli Glasner, CBC’s national entertainment reporter and film critic, about what Western cinema gains and loses.

A portrait of the mysterious Kim Jong-un

Washington Post reporter Anna Fifield unravels the mystery around North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in her new book, The Great Successor: The Divinely Perfect Destiny of Brilliant Comrade Kim Jong-un.