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Who is Cleo L. Madonia?

The search for Cleo intensifies with the discovery of a child's grave site.

Spoiler warning: listen to episodes 4 & 5 first

After finding this photo of a grave marker online, the Finding Cleo team heads to the United States to investigate further.

(Clara McIver/

The grave site of Cleo L. Madonia, 13, which is located roughly 20 hours away  from Arkansas, where the Semaganis siblings believe their sister Cleo is buried.

(Marnie Luke/CBC News)

CBC's Connie Walker examines old yearbooks at a U.S. high school, searching for students who resemble Cleo Semaganis.

(Marnie Luke/CBC News)

A news story from December 7, 1978 catches the Finding Cleo team's attention at a local reference library located near the gravesite of Cleo L. Madonia. 

(Connie Walker/CBC News)

Cleo Madonia, in the yellow shirt, in her Grade 5 class photo, taken in 1975. 

(Marnie Luke/CBC News)

Cleo Madonia's Grade 8 school photo, taken in 1977 or 1978.

(Connie Walker/CBC News)

Cleo's older brother Johnny, visits her grave for the first time after learning she was adopted by a family and lived not far from where he grew up in Pennsylvania. 

(Marnie Luke/CBC News)



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